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In the era of digital technologies it has become essentially important to keep confidential information duly protected. Every day new methods of protection are invented, whereas extraordinary kinds of fraud are likewise elaborated by crooks who aim to empty our pockets. We are the team of young freelancers united by the hobby and passion of data analysis and development of practical software. Thus we are proud to be dedicated to combating spyware and malware on a regular basis.

The main challenge for security software companies is summarized in proper and timely notification of common users, specialists and developers about availability of certain malicious files or processes in the system. In some cases the outcome depends on ability to timely react within few seconds and definitely not hours. It is important to have the proper knowledge to timely identify how safe the particular process or file is in the system. This is why we have launched this website where we try to independently analyze files collected from all over the world from the multitude of sources, which are malicious, or their components (you may get acquainted with vivid examples of malware on our information page "Malware - what is it?")

As per now, we plan and attempt to develop our own anti-virus software. Needless to mention, the market is full of other available and ready-to-use applications. We have considered various programs to select as ones worthy of trust. After numerous arguments, research and considerations we have finally made our choice in terms of the software on which we will rely upon and which we can recommend to our friends, neighbors and readers of this blog.

Meet GridinSoft Anti-Malware - the cornerstone product by GridinSoft company!

In our opinion, this is a quite fast, effective and simple-to-use application (below in the comments area we may discuss this in more details and express all its pros and cons). Of course, there are certain shortfalls in the program, however, generally, GridinSoft Anti-Malware is the best software in its niche!

Try it and you will definitely appreciate how effective it is!

Stay always on trend, look for unknown processes and files in your system automatically with help of our software! We will always be happy for your feedback, shares and recommendations of our service to advanced IT specialists.

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